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Linear Introduces Parallel Battery Charger System IC Ltc4070

Linear Technology Corporation has launched an easy-to-use and slim parallel battery charger system IC ltc4070 for lithium ion / polymer batteries. The device uses its 450na working current to charge and protect the battery with a very low current, intermittent or continuous charging power supply that can not be used before. After adding an external PMOS parallel device, the charging current of ltc4070 can be increased from 50mA to 500mA. An internal battery heat checker reduces the floating voltage to protect the lithium ion / polymer battery when the battery temperature rises. By configuring several ltc4070s in series, multiple battery packs can be balanced and charged. Using a flat (0.75mm) 8-Lead 2mm x 3mm DFN package, the ltc4070 provides a complete and ultra compact charger solution with only a single external resistor that needs to be connected in series with the input voltage. The functions of the device are very suitable for continuous and intermittent, low-power charging power applications, including lithium ion / polymer battery backup, thin film battery, coin cell battery, memory backup, solar power supply system with backup, embedded vehicle system and energy extraction / collection system.

Linear Introduces Parallel Battery Charger System IC Ltc4070 1

The ltc4070 has pin selectable 4.0V, 4.1V or 4.2V settings, and its 1% accuracy battery floating voltage allows the user to optimize the balance between battery capacity and life. Independent low battery and high battery monitoring status outputs indicate that the battery is discharged or fully charged. Coupled with an external pFET connected in series with the load, the low battery state output realizes the locking function, which automatically disconnects the system load from the battery to protect the battery from deep discharge.In addition to the compact 2mm x 3mm 8-Lead DFN package, the ltc4070 also uses an 8-Lead MSOP package. The rated operating temperature range of these devices is - 40 C to 125 C. The price of class E and class I devices in the two packages is $2.06 and $2.31 respectively.

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