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Precautions for Use and Maintenance of Motorcycle Battery

1. Startup of new batteryIncluding adding electrolyte, charging and installation, which are generally completed by the service personnel of the licensed maintenance shop. The user can first check the appearance of the battery, such as whether the shell has scars and cracks, and the terminal should be free of inclination and deformation. Be careful not to bend, block or press the vent pipe of the flat battery during use.2. The daily use and maintenance of battery mainly include the following points:

Precautions for Use and Maintenance of Motorcycle Battery 1

2.1 do not press the button for more than 5 seconds each time. If it cannot be started for several consecutive times, check the oil supply system, starting and ignition system.2.2 the following conditions will cause over discharge or insufficient charging of the battery and shorten the service life of the battery: Frequent start and short driving distance;

Driving at low speed for a long time; Hold the brake handle tightly or press the rear brake pedal during driving to keep the brake light on; Install additional electrical accessories or replace with high-power bulbs.

2.3 when it is difficult to start, the light is dim and the horn is not loud, the power shall be supplemented immediately.2.4 check the liquid level every 1-3 months. If the liquid level is lower than the low level, add distilled water to the high level. After adding water, it is best to supplement electricity. Except maintenance free batteries.2.5 when the motorcycle is not used for a long time, please recharge it before stopping use, remove it for storage and recharge it once a month.

3. Safety precautions:3.1 explosive gas will be generated when the battery is used and charged. It is strictly prohibited to be close to open fire or high temperature. Short circuit of positive and negative terminals and loosening of positive and negative terminals shall also be avoided.3.2 electrolyte contains strong acid to avoid splashing on skin, eyes and clothes. In case of contact, wash immediately with plenty of water. If you take it by mistake, you should drink a lot of water or milk immediately and send it to the hospital for treatment.

Precautions for Use and Maintenance of Motorcycle Battery 2

3.3 adding additional power accessories such as anti-theft device will have a certain impact on the battery. It is recommended to use the anti-theft alarm recommended by Haojue. The use of other anti-theft alarms may cause abnormal operation of the circuit system and even damage the battery, igniter, voltage stabilizing rectifier and other relevant electrical parts.

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