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We mainly offer customized electronic products for motorcycle accessories such as Motorcycle MP3 player, Motorcycle charger, Motorcycle T-box, Motorcycle dash cam and so on.

Owning our R&D department including hardware engineer, software engineer; professional production equipment, inspection equipment as well as having strict quality control system, we are ensured that the product we made is quality-guaranteed and meet your requirement.

You can select any product from our catalog and change it to your trademark.(it needs MOQ).

ODM Service

Learning Your Requirement
Communicate with clients to learn their demands, for example
The type of product you choose.

The idea of product’s appearance you want.

The functions of product you need.
Product Design
Appearance design: our professional engineer will draw a draft based on your requirements for your first confirmation.
After confirmed the draft, we will arrange a quick 3D shell model for checking further details.

 Hardware and software design: our hardware and software engineer will customize as per the confirmed requirement.

 Package design: generally speaking, we provide the blank box. If needs colored box, needs to tell us your idea to design in advance.
Sample Confirmation
We will arrange a sample order, then making a series quality inspection. After client confirmed, we will proceed the next step as soon as possible on your schedule.
First Cooperation
To cooperate with client on first order,when the sample is approved. As well as the control of every step during production runs, we must will follow your business till finished and let you know the whole process situation.

Product customization services

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Production Process

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